Our Reviews

"I used to have a bungalow and would stay for a few weeks respite when my daughter went on holiday. I really liked it here, so for the last three years I have lived here full-time. My daughter is just around the corner so we go out and I stay over at her house. I’ve met lots of people here including my good friend Elsie and we go everywhere together.  It really is a home from home"

Ada, aged 103, resident


"Denise, I can’t tell you how much it means to my whole family to have such caring people take care of my mother. She is so happy and settled and frankly we never thought she would be so content. Your caring at Hillbrook is exceptional. You understand the needs of older people so well"

Bronwyn, relative


"I’ve worked here for 33 years. It's so friendly, like one big family, and I have 10 children and 22 grandchildren so I know what family is about! Hillbrook has always had a strong family feel since I started over 30 years ago. Working here has been a great pleasure and all the residents and staff are just so, so nice"

Maryanne Kanhai, Care Assistant


"Hillbrook has been in my blood for the last 30 years since I started as a volunteer when my husband was on the Committee. After all this time I have never once felt like coming here was coming to work. In fact, after my recent spinal surgery I stayed here for three months for some respite care and it was absolutely super. I really miss the place when I am not here and I will probably reside here myself one day"

Hilda Renn, Chairperson of the Board of Directors


"We would like to thank you all for the kindness you have shown and the care you have given to Maudie over the last four years. She could not have lived in a more comfortable home or been looked after by kinder, friendlier people anywhere”

David, Rosie & Jane Crawford, relatives


"Working at Hillbrook Grange is like working with all my friends, and the residents and their relatives have become part of my extended family. There is never a day that I don't want to come into work. I feel very proud and privileged to be part of each resident's day to day life. It's lovely that each resident has a choice and it's Hillbrook that they chose to become their home"  

Jeannie Fowler, Registered Manager


"I’ve lived here for 7 years now. I'm near to my son so he visits me most weekends and the staff are so lovely - I get on really well with them. I really love walking around the grounds and into the local village. Hillbrook is such a nice place to live, although I have to keep the ladies under control!"

Frank, aged 90, resident


"Thank you all for looking after Auntie Mary’s needs and most of all thank you for all the love and care you gave her. She was so happy living at Hillbrook and it was so lovely to hear her tell us all"

Madeleine & family, relatives


"After having recently retired from many years of running private businesses, I find it extremely rewarding and challenging to bring my experiences to a wonderfully happy and caring home. The new modern wing, with its increased facilities, enhances the care that we can offer here at Hillbrook but still offers a home to those in need at a very attractive cost thanks to our not-for-profit charitable status"

Tony Burch, Director


 "I would like to thank you all for the tender loving care you gave to my Auntie Mary during the last few years of her life. I will be forever grateful to you"

Peter Fletcher, relative


"I’m a care assistant and the activities co-ordinator so I get to have lots of fun with the residents. It’s like having loads of grandparents, and the staff are so friendly here too. I love working here"

Kayleigh Vivante, Care Assistant


"We are writing to say a very big thank you for all the love, care and happiness you have given Minnie while she has been a resident at Hillbrook Grange. She always said how happy she was and how well you have all looked after her"

Marjorie, John & family, relatives


"On retirement I was asked by a friend some years ago to get involved with the then management committee of Hillbrook Grange. I wasn’t aware of the home as it is tucked away but it enjoys a fantastic spot in Bramhall in seven acres of wonderful grounds; a veritable oasis. As Treasurer, I have become very involved in the running of the home and recently led the project to substantially expand and improve the facilities to enable us to cater for those who are less mobile or have other needs. I enjoy my work at the home as you couldn't meet a friendlier bunch of people, trustees and staff alike"

Bruce Bissell, Director


"Please congratulate and thank your staff for the high standards they so continually showed, along with the kindness that both my mother and myself always received"

Chris Shallcross, relative


"I love the interaction with the residents and there is such a friendly, homely atmosphere here. It is a fantastic place to work"

Janet Fowler, Domestic Supervisor


"You all did as much as you possibly could to make Hillbrook Grange like a home for mum after she had given up her home of nigh on 50 years. The comfort you provided is beyond measure"

Ron & family, relatives


"After losing my husband I needed some help as I have asthma and arthritis, and also the loneliness was so difficult. My granddaughter suggested Hillbrook. I’ve been here four years now. I’m very, very comfortable here and I’ve got company - this is what I love more than anything. I don’t ever want to go from here. I get on with everybody and get myself into lots of trouble! As for the staff, I go to Jeannie to talk, I can tell her anything. And whatever I ask of Cath, she gets it for me"

Clara, aged 90, resident


"My great aunt Ada was one of the first residents at Hillbrook and my father was on the original executive committee responsible for setting up the home after it was bequeathed to the local community in the 1950's. He was subsequently made President and after my father passed my mother was asked to take over his role which she was delighted to do as she had always been involved in the home's fund-raising. In turn I joined the committee and have continued to raise money for the residents and help with the running of the home ever since. It is a role I am honoured to fulfil and delighted to continue doing"

June Westbrook, Director


"I will never forget the exceptional care you have all provided for my mum during her illness. I can never thank you enough for all of your hard work and support"

Hilary & Phil, relatives


“Myself and many of the staff have worked at Hillbrook for many years so the residents get to know and trust us, enabling them to feel comfortable and happy here. This is their home and I treat the residents as if they were my own relatives"

Catherine Whitaker, Senior Care Supervisor


"To all the staff at Hillbrook. You’re all angels. The residents are so lucky to have you caring for them"

Ruth Ainley, relative


 "The breadth of my role and helping make life more enjoyable and comfortable for our residents ensures that the work is both satisfying and rewarding"

Gavin Ferguson, General Manager & Director


"Thank you for the care, attention and kindness you have shown Stella. Hillbrook Grange is like a little hotel, preserving the independence and dignity of the residents. However, without good, kind and understanding staff then a five star hotel would not be successful. Long may you continue to provide such excellent care for the residents"

Dave & Dale Tipney, relatives 


"I love the team work that we have here at Hillbrook and I love working in such a warm and friendly environment"

Denise Cardew, Deputy Manager


"The staff are highly efficient, professional, well organised and always smiling. Their attention to detail and demonstrative caring attitude to residents and relatives alike attract only the highest praise. We were always assured that Phoebe was in safe and caring hands"

Susan & Peter Turner, relatives


"Having retired from a successful business career, I was invited to visit Hillbrook Grange with a view to becoming involved in the management of the home. It only took one visit to discover the quality of service provided by this caring, friendly place - a first impression  confirmed by one of the residents describing it as a ‘home that is a home’. I am now delighted to be part of the team of local people who are determined, in its sixtieth year, to continue the success of Hillbrook in delivering good quality care to the elderly"

Danny Margetson, Director 

R and I would just like to say a huge thank you to the staff at Hillbrook Grange for all the kindness and fantastic care given over the past few weeks. R's disease has presented challenges, which your staff have responded to with cheerful professionalism and a willingness to adapt. The staff of Hillbrook work in unison in a successful team to give exemplary care with an individual focus. Any resident of Hillbrook Grange is a fortunate recipient of efficient, sympathetic care delivered with sustained good-humoured respect for individual needs and dignity.
R and H, resident and spouse

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