Our Costs

Thanks to our not-for-profit charitable status our board is able to reinvest all surplus funds for the sole benefit of our residents. Such investments have significantly raised the bar for the standard of residential care at Hillbrook Grange and across the North West.

Our new modern wing with its increased facilities enhances the care that we can offer here at Hillbrook Grange whilst offering a home to those in need of support at a very attractive cost.

Our rates for long-term, short-term and respite care are all highly competitive and excellent value for money, starting from just £528 per week. Even the most prestigious of the new rooms is only £829 per week. This includes the room, subsistence, and standard levels of care.

We welcome local authority and privately-funded applicants, but there will be top-up charges for residents who are not fully funded.

In addition, we have introduced a two tier system of supplementary charges for those residents requiring extra help. This applies only to residents who sign contracts after April 1st 2014. In broad terms, if a resident routinely requires one carer to help with most aspects of daily living, he or she will be charged the lower supplementary rate. If a resident routinely requires two carers for most tasks, he or she will be charged the higher rate. Currently the charges are £57 and £114 per week. If a resident temporarily requires extra input, perhaps as a result of an intercurrent illness, no extra charge will be made.

For further details on our costs please call us at any time and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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