The Care Team at Hillbrook Grange

At Hillbrook we are able to boast a dedicated care team comprising qualified, trained and highly experienced care, catering and domestic staff. Together our team provide all the necessary components of residential care and all the feel-good factors of home.

We understand the importance of ensuring the happiness and wellbeing of everyone at Hillbrook, including our staff. Needless to say, valued employees are vital not only in delivering a high quality service but also promoting happiness within our home.

Testament to the commitment to our staff is the reciprocal and long-serving commitment from so many members of our team, and what better person to illustrate this than our longest serving employee:  


"I’ve worked here for 33 years. It's so friendly, like one big family, and I have 10 children and 22 grandchildren so I know what family is about! Hillbrook has always had a strong family feel since I started over 30 years ago. Working here has been a great pleasure and all the residents and staff are just so, so nice"
Maryanne Kanhai, Care Assistant

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